4 things dentists in Perth wish you knew

Dentists are experts when it comes to your teeth and our priority is for you to keep your healthy, happy smile for as long as possible. However, with so much conflicting information available it can be difficult to know what you need to take on board. As dentists based in Perth, we’d like to share with you some things that we wish were common knowledge as it could make all the difference to the health of your teeth.

1.      Bleeding gums are not normal

So many people think that a small amount of bleeding of the gums is normal. It’s true that your gums will tend to bleed a little after a thorough scale and clean at your dental clinic but when you’re at home, your gums shouldn’t be bleeding. Healthy gums don’t bleed so if you keep finding that there is bleeding when you floss or brush, this could be a sign of early gum disease. If you’re finding that your gums keep bleeding, book in to see your dentist.

2.      Flossing is essential

Dentists talk often about the importance of flossing and for very good reason. Even if you’re a champion brusher, it’s impossible to reach all the surfaces of your teeth with your toothbrush alone. Flossing gets between your teeth to clear food debris and other substances which could cause tooth decay and other problems. In fact, many dentists view flossing as more important than brushing. If you don’t already include flossing into your daily dental care routine, now’s the time to start.

3.      People aren’t born with soft teeth

A lot of people seem to still believe that some people are born with genetically ‘soft’ teeth compared to other people. However, dental decay doesn’t run in the family and is actually caused by bacteria in the mouth. If you’re finding that you and several members of your family seem to always develop cavities, it could be simply due to the fact that you have a similar diet. Factors such as your diet, what drinks you consume and how you look after your teeth are areas where your dentist will be looking if you have numerous cavities.

4.      Prevention is better than cure

Although dental technologies have come a long way and there are numerous treatments available if you have oral health issues, it’s best to try and avoid problems developing in the first place. A lot of people are less than diligent when it comes to looking after their teeth and even more people put off their regular dental checks for far too long. Look after your teeth and visit your dentist regularly to avoid costly issues down the track.

Carillon City Dental are a dentist based in Perth CBD, offering a convenient and easily accessible location. Our highly experienced dentists can carry out a full range of treatments in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

For the best dentist in Perth, contact Carillon City Dental today on 9322 5340.


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