Tips For Getting The Best Results From Invisalign

Invisalign teeth braces have swept through Perth orthodontics and become a popular alternative to traditional metal braces thanks to their versatility and subtlety – but there are still a few tricks that you’ll need to know before you get them to avoid any mishaps.

Check out these handy Invisalign tips to keep your Invisalign braces in great condition and providing optimum results!

Wear Your Invisalign For 20 Hours

Invisalign recommends that you wear your aligners for at least 20 hours, if not 22. That means you get four Invisalign-free hours a day which you can use as you please – but that might not be as much time as you think. Once you consider snacking, meal times, brushing teeth, and other daily events, those four hours will dry up quickly, so use them well and pay attention to how much time you spend without your Invisalign. By wearing your Invisalign for less than the recommended time, you may adversely affect your treatment.

Always Keep Your Invisalign Aligners In Their Case

Your aligners will come with a special protective case, and if they’re not in your mouth, then they should be in this. Your aligners are designed to be as imperceptible as possible so you could easily end up misplacing them, and their lightweight design leaves them fragile and susceptible to breakages or damage. The protective case will ensure that they’re always safe from harm and ready for you to pop back in your mouth!

Always Keep A Toothbrush With You

After every meal, you’ll want to give your teeth a quick brush to ensure that there are no pieces of food stuck in your teeth before your aligners go back on. This can be difficult – whether it’s at school or work, or you’re out and about, sometimes brushing your teeth will be a problem. However, your smile will love you for it. If there is any food stuck in your teeth, it will become trapped under the aligner and will cause decay, staining, or bad breath. A pack of sugar-free chewing gum or a travel-sizes mouthwash can act as an emergency substitute, but we recommend brushing to get the best possible results.

Only Drink Water When You’re Wearing Invisalign
If you’re wearing your Invisalign aligners, only water is appropriate to drink. You can thank us; it will keep you healthy and hydrated!

Many beverages, like soft drink, tea, and coffee, can all stain your aligners to make your teeth look discoloured – which undermines one of the greatest attractions to Invisalign. As we mentioned above, any foods that get stuck in your teeth will become trapped in the aligner, and the same should be considered for soft drinks. Small amounts of soft drinks could seep into you aligner and soak into your teeth, damaging your teeth far worse than if you’d drank it normally.

Clean Your Aligners Carefully

Cleaning your aligner is important, but hot water is not the way to do it! The heat will morph them out of their shape, leaving them completely useless. Toothpaste can also damage your aligners, as some brands can be abrasive and will dull the aligners, leaving it with a matte look and much more conspicuous. Try using cold water and a mild detergent.

Carefully Remove Your Aligners

Your orthodontist or dentist should explain to you the best way to remove your aligner, because being too forceful or using incorrect technique can damage or twist them. Start at the back of your teeth and loosen the aligners gently, working your way around the mouth to pry them away from the teeth until they easily lift out.



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