Famous Invisalign Smiles – Celebs Who Swear By Invisalign

For us everyday folk, most of the beauty routines of the stars are at best, expensive, and a worst, unattainable. But there is one thing that adds to our natural beauty that stars clamour for as much as us – a perfect, straight smile.

Braces are an option – although the unsightly wires and painful appointments are just as unappealing to adults as they are to teens trying to navigate their social lives. With Invisalign quickly replacing braces as the preferred choice across Perth, we decided to find some celebrity smiles that have sworn by Invisalign to become the front page dazzlers they are today.


  1. Khloe Kardashian’s Invisalign
    Khloe Kardashian and the rest of her family are all subjected to public scrutiny, so anyone who wants to watch a timeline of Invisalign can use the paparazzi snaps! With her many lifestyle changes, she chose to use Invisalign at the age of 28.

    2. Justin Bieber’s Invisalign
    As a teen heartthrob, Justin started banking on his looks from a young age. Obviously, he could never have subjected his hordes of Beliebers to wall posters of him if he had a mouth full of metal, and he has openly praised Invisalign for their natural look.

  2. Katherine Heigl’s Invisalign
    In preparation for her wedding, Katherine began wearing Invisalign in 2007. Ever since, her winning smile has landed her movie and television lines, and front page covers of magazines.

    4. Tom Cruise’s Invisalign
    Tom Cruise first came across Invisalign in 2002, when a trip with his kids to the orthodontist led to a life-altering realisation – his teeth were actually not as straight as they could be. Being Tom Cruise, this was unacceptable. Invisalign and ceramic brackets worked together to ensure that his smile was top gun.

    5. Gisele Bundchen’s Invisalign
    Gisele told interviewers that one of her teeth had started moving, and her smile was looking less flawless than usual. Invisalign helped straighten that out and Gisele opted to only wear her Invisalign at night, leaving her smile to dazzle all day.

    6. Zac Efron’s Invisalign
    As a freckled cutie in his High School Musical performance, Zac Efron grew up quick to become an A-list stunner. With all of the other growing he’s done, he turned to Invisalign to shrink the gap between his front teeth.
  3. Eva Longoria’s Invisalign
    Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria began her Invisalign journey at age 36, sick of her crooked lower teeth.

    8. Serena Williams’ Invisalign
    As a teenager, Serena Williams knew that her tennis and her smile needed some extra oomph. Invisalign straightened out her teeth, and her commitment to the sport and religious training routine led her to the tennis prowess she has today.
  4. Oprah Winfrey’s Invisalign
    If we were on television as much as Oprah, we’d get Invisalign too. She loved them so much that she had no problem wearing them throughout filming her internationally renowned talk show.

    10. Kate Middleton’s Invisalign
    For six months leading up to her wedding to Prince William, Kate’s orthodontist recommended Invisalign to ensure her smile would be flawless for the big day.

  5. Keira Knightley’s Invisalign
    Keira’s smile was cute and quirky, but after Invisalign her features became flawless.

  6. Kendall Jenner’s Invisalign

Kendall, another member of America’s most publicised family, uses Invisalign to straighten her teeth between photoshoots.

13. Cheryl Cole’s Invisalign
Former X-Factor judge and British singing superstar, Cheryl fawned over Invisalign to interviewers, crediting them for her new and improved smile.

Talk to Carillon City Dental today to find out if Invisalign is perfect for you.


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