How To Care For Your Temporary Dental Fillings

Temporary dental fillings may be used for a variety of reasons, and it is important that they are cared for appropriately.

Your dentist may recommend temporary dental fillings:

  • Following a root canal
  • Your dentist would like to give your teeth some time to heal
  • In cases of emergency dentistry
  • For fillings that will span over more than one appointment, such as indirect fillings the placement of gold fillings.

Whatever your dentist’s reason, your tooth with a temporary filling is much more delicate than the rest of your pearly whites and will need some extra special attention from you. A temporary filling is meant to remain in place until your next dental visit when your dentist can finish their work – but how can you ensure that your temporary filling doesn’t fall out?


Brush/Floss Gently

Once you’ve had a temporary filling placed, it’s helpful to be exceedingly gentle when you brush and floss your teeth every morning and night. Try using a softer bristled brush, but still make sure that your mouth is receiving a proper clean. When flossing, try to manoeuvre around the filling as best you can. If the filling reaches to the edges of your tooth, avoid pulling the floss up and away when you take it from between your teeth, as this could send the filling flying if it gets caught. Instead, pull it out from the side of your tooth.


Chew Carefully

Your dentist will probably advise you of the potential problems if you return to your regular diet, as food can easily dislodge the filling. You should avoid chewing on the entire side of your mouth with the filling to preserve the filling for as long as needed. Sometimes you may forget – it’s fine if you occasionally chew very gently using that side, but there are foods that could cause havoc. Chewing gum, toffee, and other chewy foods may become stuck to your filling and inadvertently pull it out, and crunchy foods like nuts or carrots may also dislodge the filling.


If you’re mindful of your oral hygiene and chewing habits, your temporary filling should have no trouble lasting until your next visit to Carillon City Dental, in Perth CBD. Please follow the directions that you receive from your dentist thoroughly, this article is a guideline but your dental care needs may vary. If you have any more questions or queries about your temporary filling, call our team to make an appointment or consultation. A temporary filling is a very straightforward procedure, and it can instantly provide pain relief to those who may have been suffering due to exposed pulp or sensitive areas. Regardless of your dental condition, you can be confident that your Carillon City dentist will find the best solution for you.


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