What You Need To Know About Dentures

Dentures can seem like an intimidating procedure, thanks to their uncomfortable, poorly fitting, and unsightly history. However, dental dentures have progressed as rapidly as the rest of our technology, and are now usually as natural to look at as the rest of your smile.

With the leaps and bounds in dental technology, each procedure or treatment has become less of a hindrance and more appealing than ever. This is fantastic news for the many people around the world who need care such as denture services. Denture services are most common among the elderly, whose teeth have seen a lifetime of laughter and meals and may have sustained too much wear and tear to be useful, however this is not exclusively the case and some young people may require dental dentures. Likewise, many people who are careful with their oral hygiene and habits will enjoy their own teeth through their entire lifetime.

In a variety of circumstances, dentures are the ideal solution. Dentures are replacement teeth, however they differ from others because they are not permanently fixed to the teeth or jawbone. This is because dentures are primarily used in cases where there are no teeth to fix the replacement to, and multiple teeth are missing on the same row.

Complete and Partial:

Complete dentures are designed to be worn part-time, and taken out for cleaning at night.

Partial dentures are similar, except they’re clipped onto the remaining natural teeth.

If you’re missing multiple teeth, such as gaps of three or more missing teeth, there is no tooth available to act as an anchor for crowns, fillings, or bridges. This means that dentures are usually the most successful option, and whether you receive complete or partial dentures depends on your personal case, by considering the size and location of the gaps.

Dentures are usually fastened by suction, and they attach firmly to the gum. While this can take some getting used to, once your mouth has adapted you’ll find it just as comfortable as usual. It’s a common misconception that there is some type of ‘glue’ involved – dentures shouldn’t require any special adhesives to bind them.

For many elderly, the natural tooth can become so deteriorated that it is useless or painful – it can also leave you susceptible to pain and infections. Dentists will always try and salvage the natural tooth to the best of their abilities, so dentures will only be suggested if the natural tooth is completely unsuitable.

Modern dentures have been refined and perfected, and are often indistinguishable from natural teeth when worn and cared for correctly. They can act as regular teeth, and you can continue to eat the same foods as with natural teeth with no discomfort. If you have concerns about your teeth and you’re considering dentures, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our dentists for an assessment and consultation. Our team at Carillon City Dental will be able to talk you through all of your options, and discuss which solution will suit your needs the best. Call our reception team today to book an appointment, or use our convenient online form.


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