Is Root Canal Treatment Really That Bad?

Ah, the dreaded root canal. It seems as though everyone has heard of it or known someone who needed one, but still many of us are greatly misinformed by what the procedure entails.

Root canal treatment has become a dental bogeyman, but why does it get such a bad reputation? Root canal treatment in Perth has saved countless teeth from extraction, and restored smiles to their pain-free former selves. Let’s find out more about the infamous sibling of the ‘filling’.

When Do You Need It?

Under the white enamel of the tooth and the hard layer of dentin, a soft tissue resides. This tissue, or pulp as it is known, contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, and this helps your root to extend during your dental growth. In a fully matured tooth, the pulp is no longer required while the tooth is nourished by its surrounding tissues.

A root canal is required when this pulp becomes infected or inflamed, which can be because of decay, problematic crowns, chips or cracks in the tooth, or a trauma even where there is no visible injury sustained. This can all lead to an aggravated inflammation or infection, which can result in serious pain and damaging abscesses.

As mentioned above, a root canal is actually rather similar to the procedure of a filling, and you can expect to remain comfortable throughout the appointment. Preserving the natural tooth has many advantages, such as:

-Effective chewing

-Natural appearance

-Provides protection to surrounding teeth from excessive strain

-Normal biting force and experience

The benefits to root canal treatment outweigh the cost, and the procedure is relatively straightforward. The infected pulp is identified and removed from the tooth, which is in turn carefully cleaned and disinfected to ensure that there are no enduring issues. Afterwards, the tooth is filled with a rubbery material and sealed. Then a crown or filling is added for fortification and protection, and the tooth can continue to see out the rest of its days – a little more seasoned than his friends around him, but still as sprightly. Your root canal treatment is performed under a local anaesthetic by experienced and knowledgeable dentists, so there is absolutely no reason that a root canal should be painful at any time. The most pain that you should experience is during the time of infection and abscess, which will be relieved by the root canal treatment.

If you’re concerned that you may need a root canal, contact the team at Carillon City Dental. Our dentists can discuss your options with you, and explain how stress-free and comfortable the procedure really is. Our dentists are experienced and qualified, with modern systems in place to guarantee your comfort and care, and you will remain informed of every option and decision around your oral and dental care. Visit us in our ambient practice, conveniently located in Perth CBD. All of our dentists are registered with AHPRA, the Australian Health Practitioner Agency, regularly attend education programs, and are always informed with the most modern advances in technical methods and materials.


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